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AWS Projects

AWS Lambda Custom Runtimes Support

Lambda Runtime API and Lambda Layers, two new AWS Lambda features that enable developers to build custom runtimes, and share and manage common code between functions. 

AWS Lambda and AWS Lambda@Edge execution environment

AWS Lambda and AWS Lambda@Edge run on top of the Amazon Linux operating system distribution and maintain updates to both the core OS and managed language runtimes. We are updating the Lambda execution environment AMI to version 2018.03 of Amazon Linux. This newer AMI brings updates that offer improvements in capabilities, performance, security, and updated packages that your application code might interface with.

AWS Lambda Ruby Support

You can now develop your AWS Lambda function code using Ruby. AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs your code in response to events, and automatically manages the compute resources for you. 

AWS Lambda Snapstart

Lambda SnapStart for Java can improve startup performance for latency-sensitive applications by up to 10x at no extra cost, typically with no changes to your function code. The largest contributor to startup latency (often referred to as cold start time) is the time that Lambda spends initializing the function, which includes loading the function's code, starting the runtime, and initializing the function code.

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